Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas 2, Microblogologist 0

First off, merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate Christmas, to those of you that do not disregard the merriment if you so choose, you can definitely be merry if you want, whatever works for you and happy Hanukkah to my Jewish reader(s) and to Doc (if you read this Doc my present to you is I gained about 2 pounds in mostly healthy ways). That said Christmas is kicking my ass. Last Christmas I spent inside my car, outside my apartment, in the freezing cold weather we in the midwest all know and love *cough despise cough* before going to work for a few hours and then having company over in the form of a police officer and three firefighters. This Christmas so far does not seem like it is going to turn out much better. What you want me to go into excruciating detail? OK, for you my dear readers I will.

Round One: Christmas 2007 v Microblogologist

Last Christmas I was supposed to go see my family only they were sick. I was dating a guy who lived at home with his parents and his dad (who is awesome) has cancer and is immunocompromised. My goal in life at the time was to get to see boyfriend and not kill his father (who I adore). I also did not like the sounds of the diseased masses that was my family at the time, seriously ew. The year before I went to their place for thanksgiving and they decided to give me more than thanks, they gave me influenza, thanks family! After that I tended to avoid going home if they had some form of pestilence but especially with the immunocompromised in my life (besides bf's dad there was also my diabetic friend and her former premie son, aka my godson Buggy).

So I decided to wait it out and go home for new years instead. I was not thrilled with this, missed everyone and had worked my butt off to get my experiment done in time so I could have gone and all but I was trying to make the best of it. I had found a duck at the store for a good price and decided to make it for my meal, might as well celebrate with a nice meal. I baked the duck and I think made mashed potatoes and beans to go with it, some of my favorites. Right when my dinner was done the carbon monoxide detector decided that to inform me that I was going to die.

I opened the kitchen window (it was probably in the 20°F range, thanks Pasha for teaching me that alt 248 = °), turned on the stove vent thing, and muted the CO detector and sat down to eat. Unfortunately the stupid detector only stays muted for a short time before telling you that you are going to die some more in its own special ear splitting way. I think death may in fact be preferable to the horrid pain the alarm inflicts on my poor ears! I kept muting it for a bit but eventually got frustrated and moved me and my meal out into my car so I could at least eat it instead of having to get up every 30 seconds to hit the alarm. I called my BFF Pasha from the car because I knew it would make his Christmas to hear I was eating Christmas dinner in Oldsie, it did, Merry Christmas you bastard! (I swear we really are friends!)

I finished eating and the damn alarm was still going off so I decided to let the apartment air out some more and go get some work done, not like I had anything better to do. I went back in to get some stuff and open more windows and then abandoned ship. I went to work and enjoyed having the lab to myself and made up a bunch of dilution blanks, which I use to see how many bacteria are in a sample. I got back home around 1am and the damn alarm was STILL GOING OFF! The neighbor was outside smoking and told me that it was ok since he could sleep through it, I was soooo glad. What really ticked me off was the fact that the neighbors knew the alarm was going off but none of them checked on me, this is not the first time alarms have gone off in the building and they have ignored them. I check when I hear one, if it were in their apartment I would knock and see if they were ok if it went off for more than a few minutes, maybe it is a cultural thing... So I decide it is time to call the after hours number listed and get the ISUPD and they dispatched a cop and called the fire dept. They did not find any CO in my apartment and pulled the battery from the alarm. My guess is that there may have been CO produced by my oven that triggered it and then it got stuck on, could have been defective just as easily, wouldn't be the first time for either scenario in this neighborhood. Definitely a Christmas FAIL.

Christmas 1, Microblogologist 0

Round 2: Christmas 2008 v Microblogologist

As my regular readers know I contracted a plague (respiratory virus not bubonic) at the end of October when a professor decided to visit my lab and share the viral love. I quarantined myself for over 3 weeks and almost didn't go visit my family for thanksgiving but Doc checked me out and told me that I had a secondary infection and was no longer contagious and to get my butt out of here and go see my family. He didn't send me off without drugs of course, he is my drug lord after all. He sent me over to the drug dealers and they hooked me up with an antibiotic (highly debated) and these cool little cough suppressant pills. He tried to put me on two antibiotics but I protested and got it down to one, having a wacky GI tract to begin with I didn't want to beat the crap out of it with antibiotics. My Bubbie (grandma) basically called me an idiot for not listening to him and taking both, the woman who pretty much tells her friends I am a genius and going to cure cancer or something (highly unlikely), Mom also thinks I should have taken both. I currently think that I should have had both but perhaps staggered them, my GIT has been acting up a bit since I had the first round so who knows how bad it could be if I had two at the same time unbalancing the system. Remember, I do approve of antibiotic usage when it is needed.

So I took my meds and went for thanksgiving and had a blast. The antibiotics seemed to help but they did not knock it out completely, I am still sick. Thankfully I became a functional not contagious sick person so I was able to get back to work and worked my butt off since the day I got back so I could be done with the current experiment before Christmas. I did in fact finish it, not counting the ones I have to redo and we were supposed to leave the 23rd for Chicago (we as in Baby Sibling aka my babysitter aka The Unmarried Housewife), but I lost track of time and we weren't ready to go at a reasonable hour and I was starting to feel my sinuses building up pressure. The plan was to leave early today but I was feeling progressively sicker and my sinuses want me dead so that didn't happen. I am hoping that tomorrow I will feel better and be able to make the trip but either way I believe this round goes to Christmas.

Christmas 1, Microblogologist 0

Final Score: Christmas 2, Microblogologist 0


Mr. Musician said...

Pasha says:
Yes, you calling from Oldsie on Christmas Day last year put me into a friggin hysterical giggle fit! You are so lucky you have me for the special ALT functions, you know I'm the best even if you don't admit it. Oh, and one more thing, Merry Christmas to you too bitch!

Ian says:
You effing rock and thou shalt triumph Christmas 2009!!

nonna said...

i gotta say this b4 i 4get, then i'll read the rest lol

"I gained about 2 pounds in mostly healthy ways"

i think your dr. is just gonna grill ya bout the mostly part now. lol

& yes i'm typing like a text-it's too early 2 type whole words

nonna said...

i think i'm gonna get you a bubble, as in "bubble boy", for christmas. too bad i can't donate some of my WBC to ya. i am sure i have spare ones since my WBC count ranges anywhere from 15-25,000 on any given day.

hmmmm maybe that's why i hardly ever get a cold or flu. course i have lovely night sweats that i think are worsened by my high WBC count.

who knows, just wish i could send you some magical get well and STAY well microbes.

merry christmas to you and sis

Weaselmomma said...

Merry Christmas from my house to yours.

The Microblogologist said...

Pasha: You put the B in BFF, Merry Christmas.

Ian: Thanks, I'm just hoping Christmas 2009 doesn't kill me! Heck Christmas 2008 isn't even over yet so IT still has a chance! Merry Christmas my favorite musician!

Nonna: If I didn't use the qualifier he would get suspicious and know there was a catch, he knows me too well. With the qualifier I predict a smirk and perhaps an eye roll before making a note in my chart to make me see the dietitian again.

Nonna Again: My last blood test showed I have the correct amount of WBCs, maybe they are just being lazy bastards! Hope your elevated level is nothing serious, generally it indicates an infection but some people just have wonky numbers for stuff. Thankfully I am feeling better this morning, crashing before midnight and sleeping about 8 hours seems to have helped. I probably should get a bubble to hide in next year! Oh and what in the world are you doing up at such an ungodly hour?! WeaselMomma I understand (as much as a night person can understand a morning person) but you? Merry Christmas to you and yours!

WeaselMomma: If you ask Niecey your house IS our house! Merry Christmas to you and all of our favorite Weasels.

NukeDad said...

Merry Christmas Karen! I'm emailing you some virtual Prime Rib. Wear a bib.

The Microblogologist said...

Thanks NukeDad, since I didn't make it in time to actually have Christmas dinner the virtual prime rib is very welcome! Merry Christmas to you and the NukeFamily =).