Friday, March 5, 2010

Reflections on a Perfect Brew

For your enjoyment, and because I've been too busy to write a post of my own, another post written by my Daddy, aka the Brewmeister:

One day the Brewmeister was contemplating his latest masterful creation affectionately called Bill's Kickass Hard Lemonade. He was enjoying the praise coming from his pie eyed youngest when the phone rang. It was his oldest; it was a complaint about his favorite ale*, Bill's Kickass Ale. The Brewmeister was devastated; his prize product was not being loved and appreciated. It was too flavorful, too strong. At first the Brewmeister attributed it to Richard's Syndrome, named after a victim named Richard who drank too much MGD, a form of supermarket swill. His atrophied taste buds regenerated after drinking copious supplies of Bill's Kickass Ale allowing him to rejoin the human race.

The Brewmeister was devastated by this negativity! But rather than sulk in blatant self pity he reacted in a positive manner befitting a Brewmeister. This blatant negativity interacted with his natural creativity stimulated the Brewmeister to create a brand new brew, a reduced flavor brew (The Brewmeister does not acknowledge the legitimacy of so called lite or low carb beer. These are lame attempts to merchandise swill to brainwashed consumers who waste too much time watching television and actually believe their misleading and boring commercials.) After some experimentation, a new product was born, Bill's Cheapass Ale!! It has all the positive attributes of Bill's Kickass Ale but will not overpower the sensitive taste buds of the ladies. Men can enjoy it too**!

Only the Brewmeister can improve what the Brewmeister has created.

~~~~~Copy LiteralDan Section~~~~~

*He is referring to WeaselMomma's review of his Bill's Kickass Ale, click the link in the post to view the video she made of her trying it.

**The new recipe he developed, Bill's Cheapass Ale, is pretty much all he makes now and so he DOES enjoy it, quite regularly, lol!