Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Conversation with Baby Sibling

[12:57:54 AM] Karen says: Oooo I am soooooooo tech savy, I edited my post and made a linky thing
[1:00:14 AM] "The" Cheryl says: hooray for Karen
[1:00:32 AM] Karen says: I believe I shall gloat about this for awhile
[1:00:58 AM] Karen says: I made a link
I made a link
Yeah me!
I made a link
[1:05:23 AM] "The" Cheryl says: yay for Karen, yay
[1:05:56 AM] Karen says: I should totally put this conversation into a blog post
[1:06:16 AM] "The" Cheryl says: oh?
[1:06:23 AM] Karen says: lol
[1:06:27 AM] "The" Cheryl says: to show my loving enthusiasm?
[1:07:29 AM] Karen says: Sure


nukedad said...

Careful, she might start her own blog. ;)

The Microblogologist said...

That could be amusing... She would likely get bored of it though. I might consider letting her guest post sometime.

LiteralDan said...

Those are the kinds of conversations that are most often had at that kind of hour. They are the stuff of life, to me, and I'd miss them if I started keeping a normal schedule all the time.

The Microblogologist said...

Sadly that is "early" for Baby Sibling and myself. I am trying to readjust my schedule so I have more "normal" hours but it is not an easy task for various reasons. That is actually a fairly tame conversation between the two of us, not quite as nutty as we usually get.

Welcome to my blog, I hope I amuse you at least half as much as you amuse me =)!