Thursday, March 5, 2009

Workin' on my Fitness Melisa Style

As some of you are aware I have recently added Melisa to my list of people I stalk blogs I read. She is so cool, though her sons may not always think so they are teens and so don't count (unless they are agreeing with me) ;). One of the things I learned about Melisa is that she is a group fitness instructor, I enjoyed reading posts from the instructor's point of view. Many of you are aware that I do water aerobics, that is a group fitness class, after I graduate I will most likely be moving back to the Chicagoland area and have been contemplating how I can keep doing water aerobics there. Of course this led to the logical conclusion that Melisa is going to have to start teaching water aerobics and WeaselMomma should totally become my water aerobics buddy, how fun would that be?! I tweeted this to her and she admitted that she actually has taught water aerobics in the past but she found it boring, guess most of the people that went were little old ladies who weren't the cool ornery kind. And so with this post I am continuing my campaign to convince Melisa that my idea is brilliant and she needs to go with it (and on days she isn't our instructor she should totally join WM and I, once again I predict much fun!).

Dear Melisa,

I already showed you the post with the video of how awesome Flat WeaselMomma and I are at water aerobics and from that and meeting her one can predict that the real WeaselMomma would be even more awesome. Well I decided that I should suck up "up the ante" as OhCaptain might say and show you why you should definitely become my water aerobics instructor because I am so your kind of instructee! Back in May of 2008 you posted about how you wore one of your fabulous tiaras while teaching your spin class and it was a mega workout and challenged your readers to try it as well. Being as I did not have time to hit the "mall" before leaving for my next workout and figuring that it would probably not stay on my head given the movements we do and it could possibly rip up the swim cap so I busted out my silver and gold sharpies and the tiara swim cap was born!

Not too shabby I think, drawing a tiara on the swim cap while wearing it was not the easiest of tasks (because it stretches I figured this was really the only way to do it). I made sure to take pictures in case metallic sharpies are water soluble, wouldn't want to spend all that time and effort and not get a pictures of it! Here is another shot of me before I got in the pool, showing off my awesome water aerobics outfit and if you squint you can see them massive muscles I've gotten over time (thanks to the lifeguard for snapping this shot for me).

And to answer your question if wearing a tiara made for a more butt kicking workout:

YES IT DID! Look I'm too exhausted to even give a real/full smile and totally look like a drowned rat fabulous. And so there you have it Melisa, I am the perfect candidate for your water aerobics class (that currently doesn't exist)! We would all have so much fun, even if the rest of the class were little old ladies and WeaselMomma and I were the only young people in the pool while you taught (unless you decided to teach from the pool like some of my instructors have done or do) and the three of us were the young people if and when we had a different instructor. People would be so jealous of us given how much fun we would have while looking fantastic. And so you should definitely start teaching water aerobics again, in a heated shallow pool (cold locks up my knee and I am short and HATE deep water aerobics and freeze real easy).

Your Future Devoted Class Member,


Anonymous said...

she should do it. i'd move to chicago just to hang out with the tree of yall.

ok. gotta stop typing now, because none of the words i want to say are typing. i had to go back and change 5+ words in this sentence.
change that to 10.

The Microblogologist said...

Plus it snows in Chicago, that would make you happy. Or making us happy because you'd want the snow so bad it wouldn't come and we would all adore you for keeping it away! Either way all of us doing the water aerobics thing would ROCK!

Melisa with one S said...

Wow. That is...amazing.

First of all, I don't think my name has ever been in the title of anyone's post. (Not totally sure, but about 99.5% sure)

Second, I really thought, since I skipped to the first photo before reading anything, that your swim cap came that way. Your drawing skillz, my friend, are MAD.

Third, though I do indeed feel a little stalked, you know from reading every stinkin' post I've ever read that I don't think stalking is always a bad thing. It's how I got my husband, and how I treat many of my good friends. :)

Fourth, I have to admit that teaching water aerobics with you and Weaselmomma in the pool (and possibly Nonna!) would be quite hilarious and would definitely add a new dimension of fun.

So, dear Karen, let's say that if all perfect worlds collide when you move back here someday...I'll think about it. :)

And this post totally put the last nail in the coffin as far as my little surprise for you goes...but just because I'm *that* kind of girl, I'm going to make you wait until tomorrow to get it. I have a Fatherhood Friday post that is first in line. :)


The Microblogologist said...

Note to self: Find out if amazing is the new crazy/special.

I guess I am a shameless name dropper ;). Helped that I read that post on a water aerobics day and the thought of trying it amused me greatly. Funny thing is no one has commented on it (some came off but the top part is intact), the lifeguard only asked why because I asked her to take my picture for the blog (she thought it was my birthday or something). I wonder if they don't notice it or if they are just used to my weirdness by now, lol! Oh and the lighting helped hide my not that good drawing skills, hehe.

I think most people are unaware of my stalking their archives, though with the increasing popularity of reverse stalkers more seem to be. OhCaptain was aware of and amused by it, he was totally encouraging my blog OCD ;). Every time I have tried to not do it I feel like I am missing something valuable or get confused because the present depends on the past to a point. In your case I would have missed so much; from the "Jew Stuff" posts to the hilarious and insightful parenting 101 posts.

If you don't teach us we definitely have to look into a class we can all go to at least once in awhile! I wish my knee injury wasn't one of the ones that biking is bad for, I would love to have been able to try your class sometime. I make the instructors that know me laugh quite frequently with my antics. And the lifeguards, gotta keep them awake somehow (nice toasty room at the end of the day, some get a little dozy)!

Yeah, a surprise for me =)!

seashore subjects said...

All 4 of you in a pool - I think the giggles would exercise your lungs more than the aerobics!

The Microblogologist said...

You have a point there... I'd say you should join us but I think we would all drown from laughing so hard we couldn't stay upright!

BusyDad said...

Waterproof tiaras are bad ass. So much so that even I wore one people wouldn't even think of messing with me.

OhCaptain said...

I love Chicago. I'd move there if it weren't not here. The best pizza any where. I'll even be there next Friday for about 2 hours.

Waterproof tiaras do rock.

As a former high school swimmer, we usually just shaved our heads. Tiaras didn't sit well then.

The Microblogologist said...

BusyDad: With my waterproof tiara and my mad water aerobics skillz I might just be able to take you, haha! OK, probably not, but a tiny girl can dream ;). We do occasionally do "karate kicks" in the pool, and kick boxing moves, I feel real bad ass when doing them!

OhCaptain: Indiana has decent, in my opinion, pizza too. I like thin crust personally. Ioway's pizza is not as good to me but I guess that is for the best since I can't eat pizza anymore. Enjoy your layover in Chitown, think both of the airports have a pizza place, not sure if it is a good one or not and I'm sure it is horribly priced.

If it weren't for my waterproof tiara (aka my swim cap) I would probably have to shave my head! Most of the time I do water aerobics all 4 days it is offered and that is pretty hard on hair even with the special shampoo. My hair started to get pretty fried and I caved and bought the cap, figure I can look silly for an hour instead of all the time, lol. Sometimes I forget I'm wearing it and wonder why people are looking at me funny, cracks me up!

Michelle said...

Hilarious. I'm truly impressed at your artistic skills... as well as your ummm stalking skills. Hats... err, tiaras off to you!

The Microblogologist said...

Michelle: Why thank you, I think ;). I say it is more that I have blog OCD than I am a true stalker, and besides in the blogging world the correct term is "lurker" (which I think sounds just as creepy actually but it is supposed to not sound as creepy). Thanks for the visit!

WeaselMomma said...

You are cracking me up! That was awesome and your skilz are mad. I love your creativity and humor and yes, count me in for water aerobics.

The Microblogologist said...

Thanks, cracking you up is one of my blog goals. Especially since Niecey wants to infiltrate the weasel den and convert to Weaselism!

We are going to have so much fun in future water aerobics =)!

WeaselMomma said...

Hello. Anybody home? Are you still here? Did you wither away from not having enough insulation to survive winter in Iowa? Just checking on you.

The Microblogologist said...

Aw thanks, I have just been really busy lately, this past week was quite insane. Also I have been trying to catch up with everyone else's blogs. I definitely plan to continue this blog when I get a bit more time =).

OhCaptain said...

Glad to hear you are ok too.