Wednesday, February 4, 2009


While catching up on her blog (or is it this one...) I once again came across Nonna's obsession with the vile white crap that falls from the sky like manna but evil and not from heaven. Never mind the death and destruction it leaves in its wake, Nonna wants to play in it! I believe her and Niecey would get along quite well as the child loves snow (she will probably grow out of it living in the midwest). I decided Niecey was old enough to play outside by herself as long as she stayed in view of the window so I could supervise her from the warmth of my aunt's place over thanksgiving. She got her fix and stopped whining and I got to be the coolest auntie ever and stay warm, perfect!

And so, for Nonna, I put aside my hatred and "played" in the snow just for her:

Note my awesome not falling skillz! And in case anyone notices, no I am not wearing gloves, I do not get adequate circulation to my fingers to be able to really wear them. I am better off keeping my hands in my pockets with the exception of when I am cleaning/shoveling the snow I have a pair of gloves that have a mitten shell that work to a point and are better than leaving my hands completely exposed to the elements. I hope you all enjoyed my romp in the snow and those of you blessed with a warm climate free of the retched stuff appreciate how awesome you have it, if not I propose a switch, I live at your place and you can hang out in the frozen wasteland! I will admit that it can be pretty, here is an example:

I snapped this shot as I power-walked across campus to get to water aerobics, I was late and so went straight from work as the sun was setting. I couldn't help but stop to capture the bell thingy with the snow and sunset thing going on. It has a fancy name that I forget how to spell and it is a huge campus landmark, it makes noise every 15 minutes and a prof plays music on it at noon and I think sometimes later in the day as well, it is cool.


Pasha said...

You are so retarded! LMAO!
Oh, and currently it is 11:24PM for me and it is 51°F. Nyeh! :P

WeaselMomma said...

Great video! You are certifiable and funny!

nonna said...

ok, first of all, i'm so honored to have a video dedicated just to me!! i hope you win some kind of award for it so i can have even more accolades. lol

you are freaking crazy and/or hysterical. not sure which, but i do have to point out that while it was a good attempt at playing in the snow, there were no snowballs made nor thrown NOR was there any sliding involved!! how could you climb up that lovely snow pile (and how cool of your road peeps to give you that!) and not bring a disc, piece of cardboard, or even a car hood to slide down on?!?! *sigh* i'm seriously gonna have to teach you how to have fun and PLAY in the snow.

oh, btw, not like you would know since this is not a spoken world we live in..but nonna is pronounced like non (as in non-entity) na. that's the best i can do with explaining THAT lol

The Microblogologist said...

Pasha: We might get into the 50's if the 7 day forecast is correct...

WeaselMomma: The certifiable has been well established, glad I also attained funny ;)!

Nonna: But No-na facilitated my play on words so well! I kinda doubt this vid will get nominated for any awards, glad you liked it, lol. I slid a little on the way back down, no way in hell was I going to purposely slide on that thing, it is a hybrid snow/ice pile and very rough so even if I were willing to do the makeshift sled thing it would not really work. A car hood, seriously, no way could I drag something like that up a snow pile!

The snow pile is actually a nuisance, it is on a corner and makes it hard to see if there is traffic. I absolutely hate making blind turns and they force me to make them every time I drive so I give no thanks to the street cleaners for them. A person with Raynaud's syndrome does NOT make snowballs! Touching snow is avoided as much as possible, I'd like to keep all of my fingers. When I was a kid I played in the snow a bit, went sledding, made snow stuff, and threw snowballs at siblings. I outgrew that pretty quickly, snow is too cold and evil to be fun, I'll stay inside where it is warm and watch out the window at the weirdos that actually do play in it, lol.

Mike Marshall said...

It's raining here today in Sandy Eggo..........but it's still in the mid 60's. You are still my favorite microblogologist. Peace, Mike.

The Microblogologist said...

Mike: I wish it were in the 60's here! According to the weather channel you all definitely need that rain, glad you are getting it. And thanks, I believe you are my favorite blogless blog commenter ;)