Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Invasion

Dearest readers my apartment has been invaded. With what you ask? Ants? Termites? Roaches? Swarms of bees? None of that, well there were some ants awhile ago but taking out the trash fixed that right up and there have been these weird wasp/hornet things flying around outside (I am NOT telling my mother, hopefully they go away before she visits, if you hear a deafening noise coming from about the middle of the country at the end of August now you know what it likely is...). Nope, my apartment has been invaded by something much more sinister (and cute, just look at that picture!). Daddy, Niecey Poo, and Big Bear (who has a new yellow bow, I took that picture when I visited over the 4th of July) arrived and I think will be here a week. Hopefully my apartment will survive this encounter! Sitting in the car for about 6 hours, even with frequent rest stop visits in which there was no rest (Dad said she ran around real good at them), certainly gave that child plenty of energy, they got here around 10pm. I suggested a trip to the super walmart since Dad forgot to pack things and my fridge was rather empty, and of course since it is better to unleash the pent up energy of a 5 year old on the unsuspecting walmart associates than on my apartment and its inhabitants, at least they are being paid to listen to Hurricane Niecey. I was rather considerate though, I replaced almost everything I saw her misplacing and didn't let her run over any of them with the shopping cart (not the easiest task!).

So I am not sure how much blogging time I will be able to get in while they are here. Niecey can't know about this blog since I do not want her mother to know about it (Niecey is not very good with the whole secrets concept). I am already so far behind on the blog reading too since I have been working a lot to get to a point where I could take most of this week off, I miss you guys!

Don't think I have forgotten about your awesome comments on my last post, I LOVED them! Makes me want to start a Guess that Gizmo series, there happens to be one in the hallway between my lab and another, I don't know what it is but it could be fun trying to think of things that it could be. I actually have several series ideas floating around in my brain, I'm semi waiting until I have more readers to get into it (though time has been a bigger factor than that). I need one of those hit counter things, I know I have three regular readers (one of them has no choice, I have pictures of her she'd rather not be made public* >=) ) .

Send some calming non-destructive thoughts my way, last time Hurricane Niecey headed this way she left quite the wake of devastation, even though I moved so much of my stuff into the basement. At least she is past (sorta) the "I anna hoe oooo umping"** phase!

*While I do have such pictures I totally wouldn't do that to Baby Sibling, she reads because she enjoys making fun of my nerdiness.

**Toddler to English translation: I wanna show you something, most likely it is something that I destroyed or got into that you really didn't want me to but either neglected to move into the basement, my mother left it in my reach, or you made the fatal mistake of misjudging my climbing abilities and thought you put it up high enough, very dumb on the last one Auntie Kee!


Mike Marshall said...

Although I wasn't around to see nieces and nephews growing up,(they all lived in different states), I do now have the pleasure of being with them now that they are grown up. They all turned out well, and for this I'm thankful. So good luck with your niecey this week and will see you later. Peace, Mike.

The Microblogologist said...

I was there the day she was born (which I must say was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my life) and was very much a part of raising her until she was 2 and I moved away. While I miss my family she is the one that I feel the worst about "leaving", especially since I tended to be the one she went to when she was hurt or scared. Good thing she has Big Bear and Pa, I didn't have anything to do with her having Pa but I was the one who got her Big Bear, he/she/it is her best friend =). She loves to tell the story about how Big Bear came into her life, lol.

It is great how family can come together even though they grew up so far apart. Glad to hear you have a relationship with the nieces and nephews now!

Oh and I need all the luck I can get!!!!