Thursday, August 7, 2008

Shop 'til Pa Drops

Today we visited the Target and K-mart, we've been to just about every store in town and finally found shirts that Dad liked at a price he was willing to pay ($8.00). Target was very similar to the last walmart trip except Niecey stayed with me and did not run away. In less crowded areas I let her push the cart without my holding onto it and all was well in the world, but then when she was headed in the direction of people or shelves full of light bulbs and such I would steer her away and she would not be a happy camper. When we finally made it to checkout with the $1 item stuff I found amusing I saw a candy bar I wanted and so threw it in with the other stuff while telling Niecey she does not need a yo yo, pokemon cards, littlest pet shop stuff, etc. Whoever decided to put little toys in the check out lane along with the candy should have to take a bunch of small children through the lanes on at least a daily basis for the next 50 or so years for coming up with that one (marketing genius yes, but also pure evil).

Niecey can be a very observant child, especially when candy is involved, so she was very much aware of the fact that I slipped a candy bar onto the belt. She wanted to carry the bag to the car for some reason... I told her that I was not born yesterday and I would carry my own bag. In the car one the way to K-mart we struck a bargain, she would get part of the candy bar if she behaved, and behave she did. She went from having a fit when someone even suggested she sit in the "baby seat" of the shopping cart to insisting on sitting in it, she even buckled the strap! We found the shirts Dad wanted and off we went, it was so easy!

This post is dedicated to the makers of Twix, now I will at least have K-mart on the list of places I am still allowed to shop at (no we have not been banned nor kicked out of any of the other stores)!

Just look at that obedience (eat your heart out Auntie Cheryl), and proof that the "washable" markers I bought are not very washable, that is after about 4 hand washings. After an hour long bath there is still marker on her hands!


LiteralDan said...

Washable markers are a lie perpetuated by a vast right-wing conspiracy designed to keep kids filthy, so they fit our quaint stereotypes.

They also put that candy at the checkout, just to mess with us.

The Microblogologist said...

As a member of the vast right-wing conspiracy I thought sure it was the vast left-wing conspiracy at work on that one! Perhaps they have united on the issue, now if we could just get them to unite on a few more we'd have it made.

Oh well, I guess I should just be grateful that Niecey hasn't tried to poke my eye out for not buying her treats. Good thing she doesn't read your blog!