Thursday, August 28, 2008

This can't be happening!

My tiny little baby niecey is in kindergarten right now (her first day).

She did not attend preschool and so there was no easing into it for this auntie. I have demanded pictures of the event, they had best come through with them! I wish I could have been there to walk her there and see her off but alas I am stuck here with my contaminated cultures (even if they weren't contaminated I'd still be stuck here). I was talking to Middle Sister last night, she is concerned about Niecey not being popular/liked and wants to dress her all fancy to make a good impression. I told her that kids that age don't really care what the others are wearing. Cheryl is worried that she will be unpopular like she and I were and that she will be bullied. And then there is me, I am still trying to grasp the fact that my baby isn't a baby anymore!

I saw her dismembered looking gray head come out facing me the day she was born (#1 most disturbing thing I have ever witnessed). I stayed in the hospital with Middle Sister until they were discharged (2 or 3 days), only leaving to go to work and get food/shower. I got yelled at by a nurse when Middle Sister and I decided to take a walk in the hall with me holding Niecey. Apparently they were worried that I would drop her and they would have to fill out reams of forms, which I can appreciate but seriously if there was a risk of my dropping her wouldn't the hospital be the perfect place to do so?! From the day she was born until August of 2005 I was part of her everyday life with few exceptions. I moved here when she was two years old and was worried that we would lose the strong bond because of it, thankfully it hasn't happened, it has changed a bit but it is still there.

Being here and not seeing her everyday made her growing up go even faster in my perception and now she is 5 and in kindergarten and I am left with memories of a tiny little baby (by tiny I mean 8lb 2oz at birth so not that tiny). A baby who would cling to me if something was scary, who I finally convinced thunderstorms and fireworks were not scary (the fireworks one nearly killed me, she was literally strangling me and I was pinned down). A baby I saw take her first steps. A baby who didn't like to cuddle (cuddling time cuts into getting into things/destruction time) but usually would spare a hug and a short cuddle for her Auntie Kee. A baby who delegated giving kissies to her teddy bear(s) for awhile. A baby who has grown up into a beautiful little girl whether her auntie is ready or not.

I love you Niecey, you'll always be my baby no matter how old you get!

Picture 1: I used to kangaroo Niecey in my hoodie when the weather was cool, she made a nice heat source. She is a couple months old in that pic.

Picture 2: Me hanging with Niecey in the hospital when she was a day or two old.

Picture 3: Niecey playing in the truck I rented when I moved out, she loved it until she found out what it was for!

Picture 4: A cute pic I took of Niecey when she visited me this month.


Shamelessly Sassy said...

She's adorable. I hope she enjoys kindgergarten. I don't have any nieces, but my daughter starts preschool next week. I'm rather nervous about it.

The Microblogologist said...

She did enjoy it, getting her to talk to me and tell me about it didn't go so well. Sometimes she will cry and beg to talk to me and other times she refuses to take the phone. Today I called when that stupid show chowder was on and she was glued to it. Kids! I hope all goes well next week for both you and Allie!

nukedad said...

Nukegirl went Mon for a 1 hour orientation, then on Tue and Wed. (Just 1/2 of her class) The other 1/2 went Thur and Fri, and they'll all go next Tuesday. They ease the kids (and teachers) into it. Amazing. Someone actually thought it through this year.

The Microblogologist said...

I think they started on Thursday so they would have two days and then have a three day weekend to recover before then having 4 days and after that the regular 5. She is only in for 2 hours a day, and we got her in afternoon class so it isn't quite as big of an adjustment. That comes next year with full days and starting in the morning, that could be amusing to observe from afar.

LiteralDan said...

Time, she flies, that's for sure.

My son is starting preschool soon, and I haven't even had time to decide all my thoughts on this bittersweet face.

The Microblogologist said...

Just cling to the fact you have a spare Dan, of course that will only work until little M- goes to school. Making new ones will give you more time but is only a long-term solution if you want your own show on the discovery channel or TLC. Hmmm, I think I'd enjoy that show actually, it would be like watching your blog live...