Sunday, August 24, 2008


Big Bear's old bow has safely arrived, Niecey Poo is very happy to have it back along with all the other stuff I sent. I think Graw opened it with her so there was no mysterious sugar high, lol.

In other news the super yeast appears to be working, I am working on getting Daddy to e-mail me the details so I can have the next installment of The Adventures of Super Yeast for you guys. I'm also begging for pictures, unfortunately there are none of the beginning steps, perhaps next time.

Also I have declared an ice age, it is 53 degrees outside, so much for global warming! This has been an unusually cold summer here, while it is nice not to roast in the heat I'd rather not freeze to death in August. Have I mentioned I don't like cold weather? Have I mentioned I don't like it getting below 65 as the low? Have I mentioned that it is quite common to see me in a winter coat in April (it did snow this April...)? Yeah, I am a bit of a baby about the cold, but in my defense I have a circulation thing and am somewhat allergic to the cold (I had no idea it was possible but it is). And yes I should totally move down south but pretty much everything I hold dear is up north so I'm kinda screwed. At least I have my electric blanket and comforter!


The Cheryl said...

you better believe I took that candy away from her. It'd've been all she'd eat. :P

K'man said...

What on earth were you doing up at 2:53AM?
You students lead strange lives.

Mike Marshall said...

And we had fun, fun, fun till the cheryl took the candy awwwaaayyy. Sorry I just could not resist that. Peace, Mike.

The Microblogologist said...

Cheryl: I know, and I knew that the candy would be intercepted, just wanted to harass you, it is my job you know!

K'man: Reading blogs and often digesting food. I am trying to adjust my schedule to a more normal one but it isn't easy.

Mike: Hahaha, I should teach Niecey to sing that!