Friday, September 5, 2008

Guess that Gizmo 9-5-08

It is time for Guess that Gizmo, sorry that it has been so long between posts (both GTG posts and regular posts), I have been busy with the issues at work and also trying to catch up with my blog reading. To make it up to you I am adding a bonus to this one, same rules apply as the GTG rules, the bonus picture is Guess that Goo. For those just tuning in and who want to get in on the fun you still can totally catch up, the first GTG of the semester is here. I will probably tally the scores at the end of the semester. Remember this is totally for fun, the prize(s) will be blog bling (I have until December how to figure out how to make something into blog bling...) Clicking the images will show them larger if that helps.

Goo:For the goo, guess what the white stuff floating in the tube is.

Have fun and good luck =)!


K'man said...

I am guessing a sensory deprivation chamber for vertically challenged students. Or for contortionists.

WaltzInExile said...

No clue on the gizmo. None. So I say "particle accelerator" although I know that probably belongs in the physics dept.
As for the goo, I say it's strands of protein.
I hope you're at least laughing your behind off at my inept guesswork. Happy Monday!

Mike Marshall said...

Is it a cyclotron? Or a reasonable facsimile thereof?
As for the goo...........I'm not gonna go there. Peace, Mike.

nukedad said...

It's a walking washing machine. We used to have one until it stepped on my little sister. We used to watch The Jetsons alot.


It could be the Iowa State Fair Homemade Ice Cream Making Machine.

The goo: is it some of the super-yeast? OJ Simpson's court ordered urine sample? Just guesses, mind you.

nonna said...

i think it is some kind of reactor that has an agitator inside it. now what you DO with it, i dont know - you're the scientist not me! lol

Weaselmomma said...

the gizmo ~ Lunar landing pod?
The goo ~ looks like the kind of head on a beer that I would put on for somebody I really disliked, but I'm gonna guess yeast.