Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Adventures of Flat WeaselMomma

In my previous post I introduced you to my guest Flat WeaselMomma (FWM) from World of Weasels, she came in the other day. I nearly had a heart attack when I found her smooshed into my little mailbox, I was expecting the mail carrier to prop her in my door like she has done with that size envelope in the past, perhaps I had a newbie or something...

After making sure she was OK I took her to dinner at the Pita Pit, my newest eatery here in town, I go there maybe once a week more or less, it depends on my mood, time and if I am hungry when I am on that side of town. I wish they had smaller pitas, we had trouble finishing the whole thing, they are so big!

Then we headed into the lab. I am still sickly but was starting to feel better and wanted to get some prep work done so I could start working on my next rep as soon as I knock this virus out of my system once and for all (unfortunately it is rallying, sigh). We made the broth for my next rep, broth keeps for quite awhile so I knew if I took a turn for the worse it would be fine.

Then we went to the super walmart, I let FWM hang out with her own kind a bit, see it may look like she is waving but in reality that is the Flat Pride sign.

So all in all a good and relatively productive day, hopefully I will soon get over this virus and perhaps we can go on some more adventures soon! Oh and rumor has it I don't share with FWM and I will admit that it definitely appears that I am a selfish donut hog in the video in my last post but let me assure you that I do in fact share with my beloved guest. This was the scene before I made that video, you can clearly see that FWM had ODed on the chocolate, the thought of taking a bite of the donut made her feel sick.

Doc Disclaimer: Those wrappers were from the past couple days, I am totally not living on chocolate. Oh and if they call you tell the psych ward people they can let me go, or at least give me internet access so I won't go into blog withdrawls, it will so not be pretty otherwise...


Weaselmomma said...

You sure know how to show a girl a great time.

Bad Momma said...

Love the new clothes! I had hoped that she would have been dressed for colder weather when she was shipped out again. Very thoughtful of you!

Flat Weaselmomma also needs her coffee in the morning or she gets cranky. I have instructions for making a Latte on my blog if you need it. ( I've been teaching my kids how to do this for me!).

The Microblogologist said...

WeaselMomma- The title of my blog is meant literally and figuratively ;)

Bad Momma- Had to put her in a lab coat, I have found that the people who do not work in labs find that to be one of the coolest parts of coming in the lab for a demo or whatever. I will be working on the winter clothes issue soon.

Hmmm, I might have old caffeinated tea bags in my pantry... Maybe that is why she is shaking so much and a bit snippy, least she gets plenty of chocolate!

The Microblogologist said...

Oh and I forgot to give Bad Momma kudos for the kid training, I am definitely a proponent of that! Daddy trained me to fetch him beers and a salt shaker at an early age and look how I turned out ;).