Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

Yes this is two days late, I was going to post this on Halloween but the virus that had started kicking my butt in the morning really started winning by about 9pm and I was in bed by 11pm (as opposed to 3am being early for me...). I was actually not sure if my sore throat was from a medicine I'm on and dryness of the air (in the past just the dryness would do me in) or if I had caught the bug one of my committee members* brought up to the lab** (not sure how many others, if any, got the plague, hopefully none!). I was careful not to breath on anyone, including the kids that came here, and did the whole hand washing and spraying myself with alcohol thing like a germaphobe touring the CDC. Thankfully I finished up my first rep*** before I got incapacitated and I am starting to feel better so I can begin getting the next rep preped and started soon.

I decorated a bit:

And I made a video, unfortunately it was not apparent on the little LCD screen that the lighting sucked and kinda ruined the video, though it does highlight certain aspects of my physique that are really not as impressive in real life ;). I already did like 5 takes of it to get one halfway decent, every time I started a group of kids would come or I would mess up or the stupid wings of my costume would catch on something (seriously I almost took myself out with one of the lamps, they hooked on EVERYTHING) so here is the best I could do:

Thank you so much for entering my contest Weasels, you did a great job! Here are the pictures from the Weasels, since you can't see them in the video and they are totally worth looking at (click to enlarge if you so desire):
Middle Weasel (11):

Monkey Weasel (8):

Smallest Weasel (4):

And here is testimate to how awesome the Weasels are. Being the oldest of three kids I am very much aware of how siblings can fight over ANYTHING, and so I offered to buy them a "Petri dish" version of one of the microbes, which is a few dollars more than a regular plush but contains three minitures. I figured this would be ideal so they could all win something and save Weaselmomma the headache... This is what she wrote me back:
The kids really had fun making all kinds of renditions(as you can tell). They found it as funny as I did. Don't bother with the petri dish. I am certain they they will have more fun tossing the big one around or cuddling a germ when they are sick. Plus it will make a better showpiece for them, kind of like a trophy to gross people out with. They are like that. Any gross thing will do with the exception of any STD's or head lice(they creep me out).
Seriously are you having an "awww" moment, I know I am. My mom bought just about everything in threes, often either color coded or initialed them (I had a lot of yellow toys) and we still drove her crazy fighting over stuff. As I recall head lice was one of the ones of my collection that Niecey declared creepy as well, and I totally get that she doesn't want me to give her kids syphilis nor gonorrhea, and it sounds so wrong talking about "giving" children such things, hehehe! I do plan to get Middle Sister herpes for Christmas though, love it!

~~~~~Photo Captions~~~~~
Picture 1: The test tubes I inoculated for V on halloween.
Pictures 2 and 3: My front door, I named the skeleton Ian after my scrawny guy friend who thinks he is fat, I swear he sounds like a teen girl with an eating disorder sometimes...
Picture 4: Oldsie decided to join the fun, though the next morning when I had my impromptu doc visit to prove if the plague I contracted is bacterial or viral it was a bit annoying having to clean it off while running late...
Video Disclaimer: I actually did not eat that much candy in one sitting, they were old wrappers from before, I just thought it would be hilarious to have that in the vid. So if you actually read this Doc I am so eating mostly healthy, except now that I am sickly not so much, but halls cough drops are 15 cal/drop and I have taken a ton of them since the pharmacist said it was ok and being green and "spearmint" they should count as healthy. Vegetables are green, and mint is a leaf and leaves are salad... Oh and tell your sub that I don't have mono, I might have miscommunicated and implied you diagnosed me with mono and was an antibiotic seeker (which is way worse than a drug seeker in my opinion). And just a warning, I am likely to harass you for not working that Saturday when I was dying of the plague...

~~~~~Copy LiteralDan Section~~~~~
*I have a group of 5 professors that I selected and they form what is called my program of study committee. They approved my program of study, which are the courses I needed to take to get my degree (finished taking them, yeah!), they will determine what I need to do and if I pass my prelims (scary written and oral exam to prove I learned my stuff), and in the end they will decide if I have earned my degree based on my written dissertation and my oral defense of it. They are there to both guide and judge me.
**Brought up to the lab as in he was sick, most of the bugs he brings to our lab are in environmental samples to be tested and do not get anyone sick, I like those ones a LOT better!
***Rep = Replication, it is best to run an experiment several times to make sure that the results are "the same" each time and your conclusions based on the data are valid. We intend to run three reps, which is a pretty standard number and I have no idea why it was chosen, some big wig scientist way back when probably liked it.


Weaselmomma said...

Awww, well thanks! I like the Weasels too. I am also grateful to have readers like you.

The Microblogologist said...

The feeling is very mutual. I noticed after I posted and was slightly less foggy from the plague I have that I used the phrase "very cute" WAY too many times, though it IS an accurate description. Note to self: read thesaurus entry for cute next time discussing weasel art!

nonna said...

lol that was too funny! and your lighting did make you look really buff & um, well, how exactly did you mess it up? (trying to replicate the outcome here and its not quite turning out the same)
i love ur disclaimer to ur doc and the justification of ur eating habits. hilarious! very cute or in other words: adorable, beautiful, charming, dainty, delightful, pleasant, pretty (just a few synonyms to help you on your next weasel art review)

Mike Marshall said...

Hey! Cut yourself some slack. You are truly a pretty girl. Peace, Mike.

Ed (zoesdad) said...

Ugh! I can't believe I forgot about the microbe fairy bug eating contest picture drawing thingy!!! My kids would have had a blast. I may have them draw you a picture anyway!

The Microblogologist said...

Nonna: I recommend the water aerobics part of my buff look, I do not recommend the GI issues for weight loss though. I linked my doc to the tasty Tuesday post to show off my awesome soy drinking super powers and have no idea if he actually looked at it or not and if so if he was/is amused enough to keep track of me here (I told him I totally didn't mind if he read or didn't read the blog). Admitting to him I went on a candy diet to boost my weight before seeing him last got me a one way ticket to the dietitian, who knows what he will think of next, haha!

Mike: Aw shucks, thanks. I try to not be too hard on myself with these, the fact that I have posted videos at all is testament to that. I am always striving to do better with these and really everything.

Ed: I've had a couple people who missed and had planned to participate but lost track of time. I am toying with the idea of an encore contest but haven't decided for sure if I will or not. Maybe I'll have a poll to see how much interest there is. Either way I would love the Zs' pics and if I do have an encore they would be automatically entered =).