Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fun with Reverse Stalker

I've noticed on google analytics that my post about the benefits of having an art major sibling is one of my most popular posts but since all the people who find it are lurkers who likely only look once I don't get my curiosity satisfied as to what they were searching for when they stumbled on my blog and more specifically that post. I think the majority come from doing image searches on google but that does not answer the what they were looking for part. So I am getting ready for bed and my Reverse Stalker (right side bar) caught my eye:

Islamabad arrived from on "My Microscopic Life: Why having an art major sibling rocks."
Islamabad left "My Microscopic Life: Why having an art major sibling rocks." via theunmarriedhouse

I edited the post to include a plea for a comment not too long ago, so far no one has, until then I'll have to keep an eye on the reverse stalker. Enjoy the stalker from Islamabad Sibling, and thanks for the awesome artsy stuff!

In other google analytics news the epic battle between North Carolina and Tennessee for forth place, until now only known to me, is currently nearly tied up with Tennessee ahead by only one visit (TN: 101, NC 100). I'm guessing that NukeDad (NC) and Nonna (TN) are the representatives of their states, based on the % New NukeDad is the main one representing his while Nonna might have some help (she says she is highly competitive so she might start recruiting people now so she can thoroughly trounce NC/NukeDad). The battle for second place isn't much of a battle anymore, at one point it went back and forth between California and Illinois but the home state (with the indicted and impeached governor, yeah!) has pulled ahead (IL: 185 CA: 143) and likely will remain that way since I have befriended several bloggers (WeaselMomma and LiteralDan) from the homeland and Sibling is there and also when I visit it counts all my clicks when I post and use my blog roll to catch up on my blog addiction while on vacation.

There won't be a battle for first until I move out of the frozen tundra, I click my own blog way too much and google doesn't distinguish between me and everyone else unfortunately, though I do have more than just me clicking here, Loren stops by regularly (or as regularly as someone with 4 kids, three of them 4 year olds, can) and Kev (has the baby been born yet?!) has been known to come for a bit, though he did not approve of my and my coworkers' immaturity involving the crazy visiting professor (it was not in the best taste and definitely not one of my finer moments, months of build up anger...), don't worry Kev I plan to make a "lab drama" post much more to what you had in mind, just have to get around to it, lol.

Time (ok past time) for bed, good night blogosphere.

Edited to add: Look, while writing this post another one came:

Munich, Bayern arrived from on "My Microscopic Life: Why having an art major sibling rocks."


Weaselmomma said...

I feel special. I never been stalked before. That I know of.

loren said...

Hahahaha! I love reverse stalker software. I can see how people find me, what paths they take, etc, etc. It's the BEST!

PS - One of my highest keyword searches: quit peeing my pants. Also, a picture of toes. Weird.

K'man said...

The baby - He is HERE! Healthy and noisy, he and mommy are doing just fine.
I don't often delurk to write but I must tell you that I have really enjoyed the FWM series.
I sympathize with your freezing the the local climates. I am sure the Indy and ChiTown don't have near the cold.

The Microblogologist said...

WM- You are totally stalk worthy! Niecey tends to stalk you even when she can.

Loren- I thoroughly enjoy the reverse stalker and google analytics. Google analytics rocks my nerdy world. People should not go to your blog if they want to QUIT peeing their pants, you are hilarious! Didn't you paint the kids' toes and blog about it one time, perhaps that is how the toe fetish community found you...

Kev- Congrats! I was worried I had lost you over the immature work post, glad that wasn't the case. I have no trouble with you lurking, I don't leave a comment for every blog/post I read =). The FWM series is not entirely complete, I've been busy and figured that I should probably post about other things once in awhile, lol.

You are correct, Chicago is somewhat insulated by the lake and the massive area of developed land and so is consistently warmer than it is here in the winter (not always by a lot). Indy is a bit south but they get some nasty weather too since so much of it is open land. My friend who lives out in the sticks told me it is even colder out there than in town because there is not as much stuff to break the wind, so I won't be visiting any of you stick dwellers anytime soon! -17°F low (actual, not wind chill) tonight, how can people live in this tundra!?

nonna said...

OMGosh! i totally didn't know there was a competition going on here! TN is gonna kick NC's booty!! woohoo! ok, breathe, calm down...dangit! now i forgot what else i was gonna say. and it was good too! i'm sure it was..oh i just mean you are allowed to read somebody's blog and NOT comment?? hmm i might have to try that sometime. hey! shutup people that is not something to cheer about and NO you aren't allowed to laugh at the thought of me trying to be quiet either. hush y'all i'm serious, it's not funny!

oh, and somebody pleeease tell me how you know what keywords somebody typed into google that led them to your blog. pretty please?

The Microblogologist said...

Nonna: You totally crack me up! You can get the reverse stalker (probably called something more mature/politically correct) by clicking on mine and following the directions on how to get your own (it isn't too complicated, I figured it out!). As for the keyword stuff you want google analytics: I think that is the main page, since you have blogger it shouldn't be too hard. You have to set the dates and advance them (Sibling did not realize this). I stuck the script into my footer slot and it magically works. I'm a sucker for statistics and graphs so I very much enjoy having it, there is also a map thing that lets you know where the people clicking you are from and how many people from each area you have. I very much enjoy watching my map turn green, slowly I am taking over the world!

Hehe, I figured mentioning that TN and NC are so close together in the "battle" would spark your interest! And yes lurkers exist and there are more of them than there are of people who do comment. I try to leave comments on most of the blogs I go on but don't always if they are super popular or I am busy and only have time to read the blogs not think of witty things to say, lol. You are more than welcome to comment all you want on my blog but of course you do not have to if you don't feel like it, I'd miss you dearly if you didn't feel like it too many times!