Friday, January 9, 2009

Introducing the Greatest Musical Team Ever!

So I have mentioned my good friend Ian before a time or two, and there will be more mentions of him if I ever get around to editing and posting another spotlight on nutrition video I took awhile ago (there are several of those along with other vids rotting away on my hard drive). He is a music major and I have to admit that at first I was kinda skeptical about the whole music major thing since the arts tend to be glutted. Then I heard him sing, holy crap that boy is crazy talented! He doesn't just sing either, he writes music too. I LOVE this composition he wrote for class, it has its own tab on my firefox browser so I can play it whenever I want, and usually listen to it on a daily basis because it puts out happy vibes that make me smile:

Now for my credentials, I am a bored grad student who sometimes has a spark of creativity and can't sing. Ask Uncle Richard if you don't believe me, he is my concert buddy and so has actually heard the train wreck that is my singing. Or better yet ask Niecey, she tells me to stop when I sing along with the radio when taking her out and about (I admit I ham it up just to harass her). Most of my musical talent lies in my ability to play the radio. I am also able to play CDs and get the songs from them onto my computer and from there to my mp3 thingy (thanks to Pasha, knower of all things tech and saver of this non-techie's butt in tech situations over my head).

Today I have to work. Last night I was up literally all night long feeling miserable (GI issues, I am so not eating dinner tonight and having a third night in a row like this, if you read this Doc* I have a few tricks to try before calling you to discuss my terms of GI referral surrender, I am not going down without a fight! And one meal won't kill me, I have chocolate and ensure!), I decided to go in and inoculate for tomorrow's run earlier than normal and then come home and sleep a bit and then go back and finish my work. I was eating whatever that meal is that you eat when you go to bed for a few hours in the afternoon and wake up and eat cereal because you are from the north and the thought of eating anything heavier when you wake up makes you feel ill (not GI and GI issue related), and then heard the rain and sleet start to get really bad. I'd already seen the radar earlier and knew that this band was going to be nasty and last forever and go from freezing rain into snow. Can't remember if they were saying 1-2 inches of snow in the afternoon and another 1-2 tonight or if it was 1-2 total, either way it sucks. The only good thing about the snow part is that sometimes it combines with the ice in such a way to provide traction (until the university brushes it off the sidewalks leaving the extremely slick ice behind, you think they'd learn in 150 years!). So I see the horridness that is the weather in this region this time of year as I know since I have lived in the midwest all my life but still I am pissed, I HATE winter!

Then something triggers in my disoriented brain and I decide to rewrite "Deck the Halls" into a song describing the tip of the iceberg of my feelings about the weather, I don't think it is possible to adequately describe how loathsome and vile I find winter. I put it into a skype chat that is populated be my sister's friends that I have been adopted into and by and now consider the majority to be my friends as well. Ian saw this and ran with it, he changed it up a touch where I lacked in rhyming ability and I nearly fell off my chair at the ending I was laughing so hard. I've been harassing him to record my songs before, this one had the good fortune of him seeing it when he actually had everything set up and was recording another song. OK totally hilarious, literally as I typed that line he linked the song I was referring to which he had put on the uploading back burner to get our Deck the Halls collaboration up, it is amazing so check it out, especially if the song this post is about offends you, it will totally win you back over it is that good!

Disclaimer: The F-word is featured VERY heavily in this song, if you are offended by this do not listen (nor click the F-word link, which is one of my favorites), if you have children present or are at work you may want to consider waiting. Or you can use Auntie Cheryl's rule and tell them, "Never repeat the horrible things Auntie Cheryl (or Auntie Kee and Ian in this case) says!" so you can listen to what I am quite proud of (non-profane lyrics below):

Here are the lyrics minus the swearing:
Deck the trees with freezing rain.
'Tis the season to be lame.
Don we now our not gay like Ian's winter apparel**.
Troll the sidewalks for not slick patches.
See the blazing snow come after.
Strike the sidewalk and break our [butts]***.
Follow me in dreary weather.
While I say it's bad as ever.
Fast away the driveability passes.
[Heck] this sucks ye lads and lasses.****

And now, those of you who have not been driven away by my vulgarity (all of which is mine, Ian did not add any), I have to get ready to brave this storm so I can try to get to bed early so I can somehow get my butt to work at 10am (instead of 11am, ew!). Too bad the secret motivation blog members would probably kill me if I joined them since I am struggling to keep on and at times gain weight, seriously how could they not want to kill me when one of my goals would be "maintain/gain weight without resorting to eating own weight in chocolate" (and two of them have my address!). At risk of hate comments/mail I envy those who want to lose weight, I've actually been there and looking back it was so much better, much less painful.

~~~~~Copy LiteralDan Section*****~~~~~
*My doctor knows about my blog and has the URL but most likely does not have time to actually read it, seriously he has to read doctor stuff to stay ahead of my broken self as well as take care of his other, probably much less ornery, patients many of which are athletes and he has to go to their stuff and make sure natural selection doesn't select against the more valuable ones (hasn't lost one yet, go Doc!). My little disclaimers are there in part because it amuses me to pretend he reads and in case he does because he does care and I don't want to worry him too much and in this one give him a heads up that most likely I will be seeing him in the next couple weeks. Him being awesome earned him that at great expense to myself since he is way sharper and quicker witted than I, even with me prepped and him not for what I am going to throw at him, so really I am giving him even more of an advantage. Though I do have a good one up my sleeve...
**The use of the word gay is not meant to be offensive in any way except to Uggs, Ian wears the same ones as his mommy (she totally is copying him). Ian and I both love gay people and I love making fun of his Uggs.
***The real lyrics use the more vulgar word for the posterior...
****Yeah, little stronger than heck and I suppose I'm borderline on sucks, when I was a kid it was considered a swear but I think that society has excepted that as being a bit rude but not an actual profanity.
*****I seem to have started something here, Nonna and Sibling have both started copying me copying LiteralDan. I get minion points for having underminions right Dan? Either way it totally cracks me up!


Mr. Musician said...

I must say that this post pretty much made all my musical training thus far worth while and it made my week!

The Microblogologist said...

I agree, this song is the culmination of all the years of training thus far, as my readers will see as they click through the links/vids and see how far you have come ;). You are really are super talented, I am so glad I made friends with you BEFORE you become all famous so I can show people how THE Ian sang a song I wrote, thanks! I love that you went in on this with me, definitely made my week as well, you are the bestest!

nonna said...

i loved y'all's song. oooo that looks really weird with 2 apostrophes in it. can one word have two apostrophes?? anywho, i got side tracked. thanks for the link to the f-word video. i haven't ever seen that and i think it's hysterical that they made it look like it had scratches and such like an old movie clip!

oh, and of course this probably doesn't even need to be said cuz he'll probably get a swelled head, but ian's voice is amazing! and i don't even like that type of music. not the fact that it's religious, just the opera-y sound to it. plus, i like the funny faces ppl make when they sing like that :)
you gotta check out the g-kids rap video i posted today. maybe he'll be giving ian a run for his money some day...NOT! lol

nonna said...

awww i just went and looked at ian's profile. he's just a baby! lol and he does kinda dress gay :) but i have nothing against gay people either. some of my best friends are gay.

well, not really, i don't have friends, but that seems like what you're supposed to say anytime somebody might take your comments as prejudicial.


The Microblogologist said...

Nonna: I am glad you liked our song, the storm that inspired me is still raging away, it is all snow and a LOT of it at this point, ick! You live in Tennessee, I am pretty sure you are permitted to use as many apostrophes as you want. The f-word vid is one of my favorites, when I typed "f-word" in the post it triggered the memory and I HAD to link it!

Ian is a classical singer, he does do opera, and while he is very proud of his talent he is also a very sweet and humble kid (yes he is a baby, 18 and in his first year of undergrad). Trust me he has PLENTY of people and things to keep him humble, and like many artists he does have some insecurity as well. So don't worry about swelling his head, in fact I WANT to encourage him, I have more song ideas and one that I wrote awhile ago he has not had a chance to cut!

I will definitely check out your vid, not sure when but I will! And it does seem that people who make a potentially offensive remark towards a minority use that "some of my best friends are..." line. I actually do have gay best friends, don't think I have ever actually used that line dishonestly, lol. Some of this PC stuff goes too far I think, hard to say sometimes though. I think accusing Ian of dressing gay is something he takes as a compliment, hehehe.

Weaselmomma said...

UGH, I'm with you on the winter thing. Her's to a good night sleep.

The Microblogologist said...

WeaselMomma: It is snowing here again and we are under a blizzard watch for Monday, ick! Hope you get spared some of it but the band from yesterday looked like it hit you just as hard as us. Someone stole my parking spot tonight, they are fortunate they moved it before I was done with breaking my broken camera even more, I was going to bury their car. Given it is Chicago tradition to shoot such people I feel this is a much nicer alternative. I did not pay $100 for a parking permit (that only works for my apartment lot, I'd need a second if I wanted to park at work!) and shovel snow with my bad wrist to let some lazy jerk steal it!

Still working on that good nights sleep thing, thanks!