Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Twit or Not?

OK so many of you fellow bloggers have that twitter thingy and I vaguely know what it is. For those of you less savvy than even I am from what I can tell twitter is like facebook's status updates on steroids. You basically write relatively short one liners and can reply to other people's "tweets". Facebook has recently made it so you can comment on other people's status updates so perhaps they are practically the same at this point. I see them on many of the blogs I read and several bloggers talk about their twitterings and such. I was delurked by the lovely Mrs. Watlz via her twitter, that was quite amusing!

Now I figure you see where this is going, I am contemplating getting this twitter thing. Sometimes I come up with what I feel are hilarious thoughts but they are only one liner type things and so not really enough to support being a blog post but that does not make them unworthy of being shared. Sometimes this is probably a good thing though since sometimes when I am sleep deprived and feeling sickly the stuff I come up with is decidedly not funny, unfortunately I am in this state a lot lately (I have an appointment with Doc next week so no worries). That part aside I have been neglecting facebook for the most part and have been trying to go on it more to keep up with some of my people and at first I really enjoyed the new status comments thing but then I started getting swamped with the back and forthing of it. I am used to skype, which is almost instant not the facebook thing that has a lag time and at least for me seems to dump the comment backs on me all at once. And of course if I were playing on twitter I would have less blog reading and writing time most likely. But on the other hand all the cool bloggers are doing it and if McMommy jumped off a bridge I just might follow suit.

And so dear readers I would like to know what you think about twitter. I get confused reading other peoples' twitter things since it only tells you what they write and if they are replying to someone else it will say that name but not give the original comment. Is it less confusing if you are one of the Twitterers? Can't I just con you all into going on skype instead? Of course that could cause the blogosphere to crash, all of us would be too busy cracking ourselves up on skype to blog, unless we posted the conversations on our blogs taking turns or something... Who all thinks I should go for this twitter thing? If there are enough people pimping it I'll probably try it, no promises that I will and if I do that I will keep it. Thanks!

On a different note, do I have any Jewish readers? If so please let me know if "stealing" the dreidel song would potentially offend you. I made a song about how to label chemicals in the lab for the lab jerk who can't seem to get it through his thick skull that there are laws/rules that apply to him too, it is definitely not vulgar like my last song. I didn't really have any qualms about the last one since it is "my" song, but I definitely do not want to offend someone of another faith, especially one I respect and admire and that has way better songs than mine! Seriously I can listen to the dreidel song all day but you start playing most Christmas songs and I am sick of them very quickly. Thanks for letting us steal your religion to make ours ;). Oh and thanks for producing the best doctor ever!


K'man said...

Don't really know Twitter. Just joined Facebook.
With new child at home and pressure from work, I don't know if I could support one more interactive format. Unless I could do it from my Iphone or Crackberry - neither of which I currently own because I refuse to pay 100 a month for a phone. Bad enough that wife and I pay 65/mo for the two of us. Kat is already acting like she wants a phone. She picks up the DVD remote and holds it to her ear and says "HELLO?" really loud (it is cute).
what was the question?

Weaselmomma said...

I tweet, it's fun!

NukeDad said...

Be careful; it's like pixelized crack.

The Microblogologist said...

Kevin: Get with the times and get that kid a cell phone Dude. Niecey has one, oh wait, she doesn't, she stole mine! I got a new one but didn't activate it right away and she fell in love with it while visiting me and I forgot to check her pockets when they left. Now my new phone is somewhere in Chicago, they took it from her and put it where she wouldn't be able to find it. Problem: they forgot where they put it! You won't catch me with either of the phones you mentioned, if it has more than a number pad, call, hang up, and three menu buttons it has too many buttons. AT&T should make me THAT phone! And I have an 8.1MP camera why in the world do I need a 1MP camera in my phone?! It is soooo cute when they pretend everything is a phone.

WeaselMomma: I wasn't sure if you still did or not, I didn't see it when I checked your blog so didn't throw in a shout out about you being one of the crowd of in people I am contemplating joining.

NukeDad: That is what I am partly afraid of! Especially as I neat the end of my current project's benchwork and have to write it up. I am a procrastinator extraordinaire when I am forced to do technical writing!

Unmarried Housewife said...

Since when did you need a twitter account to be a twit my dearest of sisters?

Har har har.

I have one and forget to update it constantly. According to it I'm still sick and in Iowa. Ha ha.

The Microblogologist said...

Sibling, takes one to know one. I wish you were the latter!

Husbandland said...

I tried twiter, but I found that I was better off saving my comments / thoughts for the blog. You should give it a trial run, and see if you want to spend the time keepin up with it.

The Microblogologist said...

I think that is pretty sound advice Husbandland, thanks =)!